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Content Marketing Outsourcing Services

SEO, content marketing and link building have become an exhaustive and complicated business. Here at Sitegains we take the pain out of providing content-led SEO and link building strategies to your clients by offering you professional, affordable outsource solutions from a UK team of experts.

Blog Management

It’s no secret that Google love fresh, well written blog posts. Our expert copywriters can manage your clients blogs to create compelling, relevant posts that your clients will love too.

Blogger Outreach

From writing high quality guest posts to blogger outreach and relationship management,  our outreach team will secure exceptional content placement opportunities.

Link Building

High quality links remain the critical factor in improving organic rankings and traffic. Our content outreach services generate content led links to be proud of.

Outsource Packages

Don’t have the time, resources or skills to perform the content and link marketing required to support your client’s SEO? Let us simplify the whole process for you.


Please see below for a more detailed description of each service included in our content marketing packages...


Entry Level Campaign
  • 1 x On-Site Blog Post
  • Blogger Outreach
  • 1 x Off-Site Blog Post
  • 1 x Contextual Link


Standard Campaign
  • 5 x On-Site Blog Posts
  • Blogger Outreach
  • 5 x Off-Site Blog Posts
  • 5 x Contextual Links


Elite Campaign
  • 15 x On-Site Blog Posts
  • Blogger Outreach
  • 25 x Off-Site Blog Posts
  • 25 x Contextual Links

Blog Management Services:

We all know that blogging is more important then ever. We also know the SEO and traffic benefits regular blogging can bring clients (here is a good reminder), but few have the skills or resources to manage the process successfully.

If you have multiple clients then the time required to plan, create and post compelling content for each can be consuming, expensive and near impossible among other vital day to day tasks.

With our blog management service our expert copywriters will plan and manage your clients blog on your behalf. Not only will we create high quality, compelling posts but we also source licensed imagery and post the content using whichever CMS system is in place (proprietary or open source). You can view examples of blogs we manage here, here or here.

Creating high quality, fresh blog content for your clients that will support SEO and increase traffic has never been as easy with our complete blog management service.

Blogger Outreach Services:

If you have ever spent any time researching and outreaching to established blogs for high quality guest blogging and link earning you will know how difficult the process can be. Not only does it require a unique skill set backed by a honed technical process, but you need to be incredibly tough skinned in order to handle the inevitable rejection rates.

Our skilled team of outreach specialists have years of experience in discovering and building relationships with bloggers across many different sectors and niches. As well as our ability to achieve premium content placements we have built an extensive list of contacts whom we work with daily.

Let us take the pain out of discovering content placement opportunities with our world class blogger outreach services.

Content Placement Services:

Once we have discovered and built a relationship with target blogs and individual bloggers through out outreach services, we then create well written guest post content which will be hosted on their website.

Typically our content placements appear on blogs that contain little to no other guest posts and the language and linking used is neither highly promotional nor over-optimised.  By keeping things high quality and natural, our guest posts offer your clients the opportunity to build their brand and promote their products while remaining on the right side of Google.

If you would like to see examples from previous content placement projects please contact us.

Link Building Services:

Link building remains the cornerstone of improving your clients organic rankings so should still play a critical part in your SEO process (don’t take our word on it, here is what Google’s Matts Cutts had to say on the importance of links ). However, links should be part of a wider content marketing strategy and not a keyword driven technique to push organic rankings only.

In 2014, quality over quantity is of the utmost importance if you wish to remain unaffected by Google’s Penguin Update. We achieve links through our high quality content and guest post placements meaning relevant, contextual links to your clients website. Typically we aim for relevant, UK hosted websites with a domain authority (DA) of 20+.

While the anchor text we use for the links we build is at your or your client’s discretion we do advise that keyword linking is kept to a minimum and we are on hand to offer advice on this should you need us to.


Full Reporting:

You will recieve a full report of on-site blog posts, off-site content placements and links built 30 days after placing your order.


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